EDGAR There,is that better?  
CATHY Yes. Edgar,isn't that a south wind? Isn't the snow almost gone?
EDGAR Quite gone down here, darling. There's just a few patches left.
CATHY The sky is blue, the larks are singing, and the brooks are brimming full. Edgar,will you get me something?
EDGAR What do you want, darling?
CATHY Heather. There's a beautiful patch near the castle. I want some from there.
EDGAR Near the castle? What castle, darling?
CATHY The castle on the moors, Edgar.Go there, please.
EDGAR There's no castle on the moors, darling.
CATHY There is! There is! It's on the hill, beyond Wuthering Heights.
EDGAR You mean Peniston Crag?
CATHY Yes. I was queen there once. Go there, Edgar. Get me some heather, please.
EDGAR Yes,I'll go, darling. You sleep while I'm gone and rest,so you'll be better tomorrow.
CATHY You... you're very dear to me, Edgar.Very dear.
EDGAR Sleep,darling. Robert,Robert! Tell them to get my horse ready. I'm going for Dr. Kenneth, and be quick!
BUTLER Yes,sir.

 ・brook:小川, 細流。
 ・go for:迎えに行く。