ELLEN Heathcliff,he's coming! Mr.Linton! For heaven's sake,go and be quick!
CATHY This is the last time!
HEATHCLIFF I won't go, Cathy. I'm here. I'll never leave you again.
CATHY I told you, Ellen,when he went away, that night in the rain, I told you I belonged to him. That he was my life, my being.
ELLEN Don't listen to her ravings!
CATHY And,it's true, it's true! I'm yours, Heathcliff! I've never been anyone else's!
ELLEN She doesn't know what she's saying! You can still get out. Go before they get here!
CATHY Take me to the window.Let me look at the moors with you, once more.My darling,once more.
CATHY How beautiful the day is! Heathcliff, can you see the Crag over there, where our castle is? I'll wait for you...Till you come.
HEATHCLIFF Leave her alone! She's mine. She's mine.

 ・for heaven's sake:後生だから。