ELLEN I can still see and hear that wild hour.Poor Heathcliff trying to tear away the veil between death and life. Crying out to Cathy's soul, to haunt him and torment him till he died.
LOCKWOOD And you say that was Cathy's ghost I heard at the window?
ELLEN Not her ghost, but Cathy's love, stronger than time itself. Still sobbing for its unlived days and uneaten breads.
LOCKWOOD What's the matter, man?
KENNETH I've gone mad,stark raving mad!
ELLEN Dr.Kenneth!
KENNETH I saw Heathcliff out on the moors in the snow with a woman.
LOCKWOOD A woman,you say?
KENNETH Yes,a woman! I saw her with him as plain as my own eyes!
ELLEN It was Cathy! Cathy!

 ・torment:ひどく苦しめる, 痛めつける。
 ・unlived days and uneaten breads:全うできなかった日々。